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Ion Exchange

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Ion exchange is a reversible chemical reaction in which a dissolved ion displaces a fixed ion from a functional site on an insoluble, stable molecule. Only dissolved species (ions) participate in ion exchange. Other contaminants may be filtered from the water, or may chemical absorb on the ion. The exchange is reversible; the exchange direction is determined by the concentration of ions in the immediate environment of the exchange site.

Ion exchange technology is utilized in different applications, depending on the influent water quality and effluent water needed.

Crossbow Water offers a large selection of ion exchange technology to meet customer’s needs. To learn more about a specific product, click on a link below. (PDF brochure - will open in new window)

Water Softening is the use of ion exchange to remove calcium and magnesium from hard water. Crossbow Water offers a complete range of water softener systems to meet your need for softened water. Electrodeionization (EDI) utilizes ion exchange resins and electricity to produce ultra pure deionized water. EDI is a continuous and chemical-free process of removing ionized and ionizable species from water using DC power. Crossbow Water can work with you to design an EDI system to meet your needs. Deionization is a physical process, which uses specially manufactured ion exchange resins that bind to and filter out the mineral salts from water. Deionization produces a high purity water that is generally similar to distilled water. Crossbow Water provides deionization solutions ranging from under-the-sink tanks to trailers.

  • Crossbow Water VS Series Softeners – 130 – 4,000 GPM systems feature steel vessels and QuickLink™ system integration.
  • Crossbow Water CS Series Softeners - 10 - 340 GPM systems. [CS-600F-3] [CS-30F-1]
  • Crossbow Water DI Express DET Series – Trailers with capacity range of 2,500,000 – 5,000,000 grains/ft3 , 150 – 300 GPM flow rates. Custom qualities & configurations are available, including softening, filtration, and technical grade deionization.
  • Crossbow Water FRP Series – High purity portable exchange mixed bed polisher with capacity of 0.25 ft3 to 3.5 ft3 and design flow rates of 1 GPM to 6 GPM.
  • Crossbow Water J14M Series – High purity portable exchange mixed bed polishers in either single or double array configuration with capacities of 7 ft3 and design flows of 8GPM at 4 psi. [J14M] [J14M-2T]
  • Crossbow Water J14T Series – High purity portable exchange tri-bed (cation, anion, mixed bed) deionizer in a variety of configurations with capacities of 10.5 ft3 to 21 ft3 and design flow rates of 4 GPM to 8 GPM. [J14T-3T] [J14T-3TD] [J14T-6T] [J14T-6T-2B]
  • Crossbow Water J24 Series – Portable exchange mixed bed deionizer featuring 316 stainless steel construction, 15 ft3 and a design flow rate of 30 GPM at 5 psi. This series also has options for sanitary connections. [J24M] [J24 Sanitary]
  • Crossbow Water J36 Series – Portable exchange mixed bed deionizer with various construction materials including 316 stainless steel, PE lined, and/or epoxy coated. Capacities range from 33 ft3 to 192 ft3 and are available in multiple configurations to meet customer’s needs. Options also include continuous flow, mixed bed, tri-bed and standby reserve capacity. Models can also met ultra high purity requirements including ultra low TOC levels (sub ppb) and ultra high resistivity (low ppt inorganic leachables). This series also has options for sanitary connections. [J36M] [J36CSM] [J36T-3T] [J36-4T-2B] [J36T-6T] [J36T-6TP] [J36TUPW] [J36 Sanitary]
  • Crossbow Water J42 Series – Offers higher flow rates and pressures in a single unit, featuring stainless steel construction, with a capacity of 45 ft3 and design flow rate of 100 GPM at 11 psi or 150 GPM at 15 psi. This series also has options for sanitary connections. [J42M] [J42 Sanitary]
  • Crossbow Water QSDI Series – Designed for temporary applications requiring low total dissolved solids, this series features fiberglass and PVC construction, design flow rates of 0.5 GPM to 1 GPM, and capacities of 0.50 ft3 to 3.50 ft3.