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Conventional Filtration

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Filtration is the use of sand, carbon, or some other medium to remove suspended solids. Filters may be either gravity or pressure type. The filter contains a bed of porous media. Water fills the pores of the media leaving behind the suspended solids in the voids or on the media itself. Best filtration efficiency occurs when the unit is operated at the design flow rate. If the flow rate is too low, solids will pass through the loosely packed medium. If the flow rate is too high, water will channel through the media carrying solids with it. Also, high pressure can break some types of media and cause it to be lost during the backwash of the unit.

Crossbow Water offers a complete line of filters and configurations to meet customer’s needs. Click on the product name for additional information (PDF brochure - will open in new window).

  • VM Series™ Filters – Multi-media filter featuring a specifically selected combination of sand, anthracite, and garnet to filter below 10-micron nominal particle size. Typical usage is for turbidity reduction, sizes range from 90 – 4,000 GPM. [spec sheet]

  • VC Series™ Filters – A wide selection of Granular Activated Carbons to provide cost effective removal of chlorine, chloramines, and/or organics that can cause taste, odor, or color in water. Sizes range from 65 – 2,000 GPM. [spec sheet]

  • VG Series™ Filters - For larger flow applications, VG Series Filters feature dual media greensand / anthracite loadings to provide high contaminant removal and holding. Sizes range from 60 – 1,600 GPM. [spec sheet]